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Parker, Colorado

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Dixieland Monterey
Washboard Concert
March 6, 2010

Coney Island Washboard
Under the Double Eagle
The Carioca
Washington & Lee Swing

Videos by Tom Warner

37th Annual
Sacramento Jazz Festival and Jubilee
Bill Gunter Memorial Washboard Concert

May 31, 2010

San Francisco Bay Blues
Cakewalkin' Babies
Alcoholic Blues

March 7, 2009

Special thanks to
Stan Huddleston--Banjo, Earl McKee--Sousaphone, Gary Ryan--Banjo & Igor Glenn--Piano
for providing the backup music for the 9th Annual Dixieland Monterey Washboard Concert at the last minute.
Due to some kind of cosmic misalignment of stars, planets, space stations & whatever
a backup group was not scheduled.

Thanks guys!!!!!!!!!!

Mike Johnson

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